Get to know Doug Currie

I look forward to introducing myself to you, the residents of Charlottetown, but for now, here is a little bit about me. 

I grew up in Parkdale on Confederation Street with my parents and 4 brothers. Now, I live just around the corner from there on Gower Street with my two daughters, Hallie and Casey and our cockapoo, Wally! 

There are so many! To name a few: spending time with friends and family, playing ball on the Parkdale Diamond and hockey on the outdoor rink next to Parkdale school, cub scouts, and attending Park Royal Church.

Without a doubt, the most influential thing in my life was my family - a hard-working blue-collar family. My parents ran a small shoe repair shop which was successful but required a lot of hard work and commitment. They grew it from the ground up and some days were tougher than others.  At 82, my Dad still works there and repairs shoes. Growing up, two of my brothers would repair the soles and heels and from the time we were about 12, my twin brother and I would man the front counter, greeting customers and buffing the finished shoes. We all pitched in and the business supported our family for generations.  My brothers and I all found our own career paths but the values we learned at Currie's Shoe Repair profoundly shaped my character. I have enormous respect for the essential role that small businesses play in both our economy and community.

I want to hear from you! Reach out to me anytime!



Leadership Matters

Doug will bring a range of political and professional experience and a record of competence and forward-looking vision to Ottawa. In addition to his time as PEI's Minister of Education, Doug has extensive experience leading bipartisan provincial and federal healthcare initiatives as Minister of Health. Doug is currently Vice President of Corporate Services, Strategic Development and Stakeholder Relations at Holland College.

As we assess and respond to the lasting impact of the pandemic on our economy and local workforce, we need a representative in Ottawa who will ensure the well-being of Islanders for generations to come.